About me

Hi. I am a new assistant professor of Civil Engineering at the University of Texas at Austin (starting January 2021).

▶ Research

My research focuses on developing the next generation of smart urban water systems.

Ongoing applications include a real-time flood monitoring network in the Dallas–Fort Worth metroplex, and a pilot stormwater control network in the City of Ann Arbor.

I also develop new algorithms for data assimilation, event detection, and sensor/controller placement.

▶ Software

When I’m not doing research, I like to write scientific software. I am a lead developer on a number of open-source libraries, including:

  • pysheds: a popular digital elevation model processing toolkit.
  • rrcf: an unsupervised streaming anomaly detection algorithm.
  • perfect-cell: robust firmware for wireless PSoC motes.
  • superlink: a hydraulic solver for sewer/channel networks.